Idea: multilayered faction influence regarding systems


Idea:  Multilayered faction influence regarding single and or multiple systems.

After reading that the daily quests would be changed.  I thought about system influence

 and it occurred to me that the enemy factions could also have such a system. This could

 help diversify the quests and or other random content on either a daily, weekly or even

 monthly basis.

 Much of this would be behind the scenes obviously but such is the mysterious ways of

 Chaos and the Dark Eldar and other factions. *Que spooky music*

I will attempt to present this in a more bullet point fashion, hopefully to not bore anyone. =)

A.  Firstly this should be completely random, meaning that just because it can occur

     in any system should not mean it always does.

B.  Every faction should have a level of influence they may or may not affect any

     particular system with at any given time. (This would obviously be behind the scenes)

C.  This influence on any given system would have the “potential” to sway quests toward

           that faction more than other ones. Please notice I said potential because even this

           should not be a default setting that just because they have influence in the system

           a sudden percent of the quests start favoring that faction.

D.  This influence when left unchecked can result in a more dire situation for individual

           systems and possibly multiple systems. (Think orcs marauding becomes a possible WAAGGH,

           Chaos warband becomes a dark crusade, Dark eldar open an ancient lost series of portals

           from the webway etc etc etc.)

E.  The possibilities are endless and as such fit right into the "There is only war" theme.

  My sincerest hope is that if even one word of anything i type inspires anyone with a new

idea or insight then the collective efforts of everyone in the Warhammer 40K universe will be


Thank you for your time and to everyone in the community and Neocore *Thumbs up* Keep up the great work.

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Idea: multilayered faction influence regarding systems
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6 years 243 days ago
Good idea, I'm adding it to our feedback list :)