I Found Out How to Destroy Bugged Warp Gates


First off you have to equip a shield. If you go up to a warp gate and use the AoE shield smash ability bound to the "2" key you can push the warp gate from it's current position. Keep doing this until the warp gate is at the very edge or outside of the green misty nurgle looking zone that its in. After that you can destroy the gate no problem. I tried this three times without fail. I also noticed that enemies are invincible inside that nurgle zone as well. Hope this helps!

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I Found Out How to Destroy Bugged Warp Gates
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4 years 94 days ago
So the green nurgle mist makes them invunerable, I was wondering what was making certain enemies invinicble, now I know.
4 years 95 days ago
Thank you and everyone else for your hard work and this awesome game!
4 years 95 days ago
4 years 95 days ago

Thanks for the feedback man, hopefully the next update will contain the fix.