I do not understand


I bought the game. I just want to play it. Why have I been forced to do all this?

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I do not understand
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173 days ago

The reason is mostly because we can far more easily manage issues on our backend this way and therefore the support can be smooth and relatively fast. 

173 days ago

Absolutely agree in every aspect...but that's the sad situation how the gaming industry works nowadays.

That's why the devs always announce such conditions in advance. 

If i had not gotten the game as a (unexpected) present, i would have avoided it because of exactely that always-online-enforcement (and because of its buggy state, it has currently) 

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174 days ago
Straight on to my PS4 is where my saved games are stored. The Playstation Network already deals with cheating, piracy and IP protection. And the Playstation Network already does a sufficient job at showing my gamer tag. I was already forced by Sony to accept all of their (non)privacy agreements and Cookies Policies.

But to play this game I am forced AGAIN to create an account and accept a whole other set of (non)privacy agreements and Cookies policies. I appreciate you taking the time to respond but I don't feel that was really answering the question.

 Surely whether or not someone wanted to participate in the social elements of this here account or save their game progress to a cloud, for example, that would be a choice? Wouldn't it make sense that if someone chose they wanted to participate in these extra "services" THEN they would be prompted to make an account and THEN they would be required to accept additional (non)privacy agreements and Cookie Policies from this particular game developer? I can understand why these things are provided but I do not understand why they are forced?

In this situation there was no choice. The game was installed onto my machine, I was in the menu ready to start but the "play" option was greyed out until I joined this. So here I am. And thought while I am here I may as well ask if anyone else in this community experienced similar questions or thoughts as I did while going through this process? 

176 days ago

"Why have I been forced to make an account just so I can play Inquisitor Martyr on PS4?" <== Somehow it is not shown in the thread ......

A game account is where your game progress is saved and stored, using cloud server for that nowadays.  This is the short answer.

The long answer would have something to do with how game management deal with cheating, piracy, customer services, and may be IP protections etc. .........

Also there is a social element to it, when playing with other players, what's your name / game tag ?  Instead of seeing "Player X in machine model no. A12345 has come online".