I cant ingame chat in All, General or anywhere help :(


I just went game for the first time yesterday and since yesterday when i start i cant see any ingame chat in the public channels :( can any help me please. I cant say hi and talk to the community ingame :(.

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I cant ingame chat in All, General or anywhere help :(
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3 years 363 days ago

i tried verify integrity it didnt work =/ i tested chat while me and my friend were online i can send messages in chat my friend can see but i cant see them or any chat and replies in the ingame chat box, what can i do next =/.

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3 years 365 days ago

It is not a common issue.

First of all, try this - see if it helps:

  • Verify game integrity on Steam
    • Right click the game in the library
    • Go to Properties -> Local files tab
    • Verify Integrity of Game Cache
4 years 5 minutes ago

I cant send any chat or see any activity for the other players chatting i tried to push enter and chat and it doesnt send anything :( or show active chat in the channels :(.

4 years 7 minutes ago

I did i dont see active chat at all even from other players my chat window doest show any chat activity at all and icant send any messages :(.

4 years 8 minutes ago
Hi! You have to press enter in order to use the chat!