How about a bonus for not dying


Right now, not using any of your three lives in a mission grants you nothing other than the personal satisfaction that you didn't die. My suggestion is this: If you finish a mission without dying you get a 3x on your credits & Fate earned. Use one of your three lives, you get 2x credits & fate.

I think this would add an additional challenge to the mission gameplay, not to mention an incentive to stay alive.

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How about a bonus for not dying
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2 years 355 days ago

I support that. Maybe even some XP boost or a general improved roll for item rarity.

2 years 354 days ago
That's really a great idea! I'm sure that there will be some kind of reward for it!
2 years 354 days ago

Kudos on a glorious idea.

So far the only boon i have found to staying alive during a run of missions is tied to an attribute point earned from fully completing an investigation at +1 power level above you. More boons for perfectly executed mission runs would be an epic addition imo.

2 years 354 days ago

~I'd like some more random sub objectives - Perhaps with no deaths included. It's a nice feature of tarrot missions, perhaps giving ordinary missions just one of these might be a nice addition. 

No deaths

No innoculators xD