Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.5.1 | December 16




  • Added additional loot to the Empyrean Elite's loot table when it drops items for players below level 35 to compensate for the lack of Void Crusade access
  • Slightly reduced the frequency of Caligari Credit drops from destructible objects
  • From now on, Morality items will not drop if the character's level is below 50
  • Buffed the enchant values of the Empyrean Sight Sniper Rifle from 25%/5%  to 50%/15%
  • The Empyrean Slaughter buff on Purge missions now lasts for 15 seconds, up from 3

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where some seasonal enchants did not roll on items
  • Fixed an issue where the Wandering Servoskull could be killed while it was teleporting out, resulting in receiving both the failed/success video messages
  • Fixed some seasonal enchant descriptions appearing incorrectly
  • Construct kills now properly trigger the Empyrean Slaughter buff on Purge missions
  • Fixed some seasonal maps from the previous season still appearing on the starmap
  • Constructs are now properly triggering Killstreak bonuses as well as receiving their respective Killstreak buffs
  • Fixed a bug with the Angel of Death Killstreak bonus as it wasn't triggered as frequently as needed
  • The Concentrated Beams passive skill of the Psiloi Combustor now properly works in Multiplayer
  • Constructs' stats are now properly displayed in Multiplayer
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Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.5.1 | December 16
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1 year 320 days ago

If the testing phase is going to go well then we will deploy the next patch later this week (I would say Thursday).

But if we get slowed down and the Beta build requires further fixes then we will postpone the patch to next week. 

1 year 322 days ago
Wonder, if there's any news on the next patch release date.
1 year 338 days ago
Noted, thanks for the feedback!
1 year 339 days ago
  • Slightly reduced the frequency of Caligari Credit drops from destructible objects - the slight reduction is like claiming the omicron variant of covid is slightly contagious - since patch have been getting about a 95% decrease in all drops from destructible  objects.
1 year 358 days ago
plz add to xbox right away
1 year 359 days ago
Probably the best aspect of this game is its developers support.

Keep it up!

Looking to repay by buying next expansion without even looking at its content.