Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.2.1 - February 5


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed the fire rate of the Autogun's Full Auto skill 
  • Fixed an issue where chests sometimes did not drop items in Hidden rooms
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not obtain the maximum number of Cortex Fragments
  • The description of the Puritan Perk has been corrected to be in line with its current mechanic
  • Fixed an issue where if someone was in a party and had a footprint activated but switched to another one both footprints were shown at the same time on the Command Bridge 
  • Fixed an issue where the small chests in campaign maps did not drop the correct loot


  • The cooldown of the Disengage skill of the Heavy Bolter was reduced to 6 sec from 14 sec
  • The cooldown of the Hellstorm skill of the Heavy Bolter was reduced to 5 sec from 10 sec
  • The requirement of the Caligari Pilgrimage Heroic Deed has been lowered to 25
  • The requirement of the Demolisher Heroic Deed has been lowered to 50
  • The requirement of the Bane of the Warp Spawn Heroic Deed has been lowered to 100
  • The Kataphron Destroyer enemy unit's damage output and suppression damage has been considerably reduced


  • The Hungarian localization has been updated
  • Added a minor GUI feature to the Construct Panel: when a module will be equipped by a construct, its stats will display the value changes the module brought about
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Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.2.1 - February 5
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3 years 301 days ago
Mighty Snakefist will comment the whole patch (including the previous one) as A STEP IN THE GOOD DIRECTION! The most (not all) ranged weapons were underpowered compared to Psyker and melee, and (consequently, perhaps?) less fun to play.

Snakefist will avoid detailed comments without extensive testing, most of them *looks* right, yes the whole sniper branch was skipped (as if it was good - this is actually the only concrete comment he'll give this time).

Please, keep balance updates regular, and... well, don't forget there could be nerfs, too - otherwise damage inflation = d3 = ....well, 'nuff said