Hot Pursuit Mission


Can we do something about the constructs NOT attacking the pursuit target when your playing as Tech Adept robots/turrets bascially kill him as i am holding 5......., i think the only way i can play this is put a shield on and run,  remove all my robots ......just dropping a turret kills him.

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Hot Pursuit Mission
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140 days ago
Just as @LANKESTER‍ said, this is gonna be included in our next patch coming out in January. 
141 days ago

- Hot Pursuit mission: The VIP was not so tough, especially on higher level missions. After the patch, he will be invulnerable, so accidental AoE skills should not insta-kill him anymore.

Thanks, @MARCOPOLOCS‍ !!  :D

153 days ago
This, and everything else I been complaining about is still something I have high hopes for, but HIGHLY something will be done about it within the end of ´23.

And I´m not gonna say too much either at this point, since I clearly know for a fact that Plrs that are having MANY hours played and been playing this game far less then I have, will in the end just accuse me of having no clue of what I talk about and of ranting too much.

165 days ago

Lankester. Careful now. You might get accused as I did a couple months back of "RANTING" too much. As I got accused of doing from Players that have been playing for about 3-5 months now.

I made a post of this issue and a couple other things not long ago.

165 days ago
So... One year since this discussion, 1.5 years after 'going to re-think' this mission, the constructs continue to fail this mission on a regular basis. @MARCOPOLOCS‍ , is there any update on this? If you don't want or don't have the time or resources to rework it, can you please at least remove this hot pursuit crap altogether, at least from the VCs? It should be easy to just replace it with a different mission type, sabotage, or whatever.

My constructs have just failed this mission for me 5 times in a row. I am not kidding or exaggerating - five times in a row they just slaughtered the guy whenever I came close ti him. I even removed all modules from them, summoned only one of them (because otherwise the mobs kill me in 2 seconds) - the target is always killed, even by a single construct.

Seriously, this is ridiculous.

1 year 171 days ago
Ya, you know... this Hot Pursuit. Nahhh, never liked it, really. I understand it, but still as I understand it, I do not understand it. You understand? Lol

That sucks, you know.

1 year 171 days ago
This was reported to Neocore a few months ago and according to @MARCOPOLOCS‍ , they were probably going to re-think the mission.

No idea if they actually got around to having a look into it, as I imagine most of the activity is now on the new game and whatever attention they can spare for Martyr goes to the upcoming season. 

The next update (this week) is supposed to bring a huge list of changes (mostly balance), so we'll see. I wouldn't hold my breath though - if hot pursuit is ever re-designed, I don't think it will happen before the next big content update, whenever that is...

1 year 171 days ago

u have to run in there as fast possible and hold L pad. or just spawn only 3/4 4/4

or just by ur self with  no support

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