Holy Enchant Bug


Heyo, I've been using a Bolt Pistol with the following Enchantment: "Converts all Damage to Heat Type and gives +X% chance to Burn on Hit.

I think this effect may not be behaving as intended. When I attack with my Power Sword, the Expose Weakness passive (add vulnerability based on damage type on melee crit) and the Ad-Hoc Subjugation perk (add vulnerability based on damage type on any crit) still add physical vulnerability, not heat vulnerability.

If I'm understanding correctly, shouldn't my Power Sword be dealing heat damage, or does the conversion only effect the Bolt Pistol?

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Holy Enchant Bug
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114 days ago
I'm not an expert in this but I sent this whole block to one of our testers who likes to delve into such game mechanic problems. He will then check what's going on here.