Holy and Daemon Forged items might need a rethink


Daemon and Holy forged items are supposed to be the top tier loot in the game.

I've yet to find one of either that has a better affix than any ordinary relic.

16% chance on hit to put a low damage dot/debuff on an enemy is not top tier loot worthy - I could craft a purple item better than this.

Either some poor affixes need purging from the Daemon/Holy loot pool, or some better ones need adding.  Or both.

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Holy and Daemon Forged items might need a rethink
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2 years 111 days ago
In case of increased feedback we will naturally consider balancing the various item tiers. Thanks for the feedback! 
2 years 111 days ago
The random assignments might give you sometimes morality choices although I have gotten only puritan ones so far
2 years 112 days ago
I think we also need the ability to grind Morality points because during the campaign, I choose options based on how I felt at the time not knowing that I needed to choose one path at the start and stick with it. Now I'm sitting at 50/300 Radical points and have no way to get anymore.