Hold Shift comparison sticky


When comparing items from my inventory with those equipped it will display previous comparison (not change) from the "shift toggle".  


best capture I could get of it.  I have also seen this in other items (ie duel weapons).

Not a game breaker... but i have to toggle shift several times to make sure i'm getting a proper comparison. 

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Hold Shift comparison sticky
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4 years 180 days ago
Yes, I've noticed it also.  If you repeatedly press and release shift it will not accurately toggle and will "stick" to one of the hands' items.
4 years 180 days ago
Hhmmm, then I hope someone else is also discovering same/similar thing to you, because with me it seems everything is just totally ok.

And I also guess I may have been messing just slightly around here too.

But when you have your Characters Inventory up and you want to change equipment, then yes you do compare first your inventorys item up towards the one you have on your Character and holds SHIFT to compare the one you have already equipped in slot 2.

I am so far not using a dual wielding Character, and not planning to do one either, yet anyways. But if the problem persists I hope someone else can actually pop in here so we can solve this issue and explain it in full.

Or for all I may know there already is an answer on Steam for this exact issue.

4 years 181 days ago
Brother Kundari
Now that I've popped into the game and read a little more on the pop up prompts in game... the SHIFT+RCLICK does NOT change the item to SET 2 but rather SLOT 2... ei mainhand/offhand signum1/signum2.
4 years 181 days ago
Brother Kundari
I think I am having a hard time explaining it... but give it a few shots on your own... i feel its noticeable enough that sooner or later more will notice and report it.  The example I am giving is comparing what is shown set 1.  It is not currently available to tab to a second set of gear unless you close out inventory view, press tab, then reopen.... regardless, I feel the shift toggle to compare your 1 inventory item vs 1 of 2 equp items is flawed. 

I have item A in inventory and I have X and Y equipped.  When hovering the courser over A, X will show up as a comparison.  I then press SHIFT to toggle to compare A with Y.  This will correctly display the comparison.  However, when lifting up SHIFT to display the previous A vs X, it will inaccurately sticky to Y or visa versa depending how many iterations of the SHIFT toggle is used.

I was not aware of the quick equip with SHIFT+RCLICK to place the item into SET 2 (good to know).  

The error/bug I see is strictly isolated with items that you wear 2 of in one set.  ie Dual wield/Signums.

4 years 181 days ago
Isn´t this supposed to be compared to what you are having (wearing), versus what you´re not having (Inventory)?

You have the usual thing first that represents your SET 1, and then you have your alternative SET 2. The one you change to using TAB key to toggle when doing ingame Missions.

You use the usual right click to put items on SET 1 and then you use SHIFT+RIGHT click to put items on to your SET 2. When having SET 1 displayed.