High tier construct weapons cannot be equipped


Hi, another bug about construct weapon:

I  have multiple constructs of the same type, and I found only one of them could equip the high tier weapon.

This is the normal servitor:

This represent the other 4 bugged servitors:

For the bugged servitors, I can only change the weapon type, but the weapon has no level when I move mouse cursor on it, and has low damage.

I heard from other players that similar things also happen to them, not restricted by construct/weapon type, might be related to high tier weapons (above Lv100)

Please help us out!

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High tier construct weapons cannot be equipped
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334 days ago
That's good to know! :)
334 days ago

Construct weapons above level 100 get bugged. We fixed this problem internally and will implement the changes with our next-in-line patch.