Hero of the imperium trophy


Hi all, 

as a more or less new player, I'm asking myself, if it's still needed to get 5000 fame overall? 

I read about the possibility to sell relic items for fame, but it seems only Archeotec or higher items are giving fame when sold. 

Before patch 2.0 all relics gave fame (if I'm not wrong here). 

So, the only possibility now to get 5000 fame is hardcore grinding, right? 

Also, do you need to OWN 5000 fame or does everything you got til now count? 

Where can I see how much fame I got so far? 

Thank you

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Hero of the imperium trophy
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1 day ago

I searched all Heroic deeds but it seems there is none which shows overall fate

My account name on PS4 is the same as here: Melechesh

Thank you

3 days ago
A Heroic Deed with the same name can show you how much you've gathered up till now as they should be in sync. On the other hand if you let me know your account name I can also check your deed's progress.

According to my experience, even just by playing missions without paying extra attention to how much Fate you will get as a reward you can acquire the required amount. Tarot cards will be useful though to increase the Fate reward.