help I cant see chat at all :( ingame


I cant see chat at all ingame :( me and a friend tested i can send messages but i cant see chat at all ingame in the public channels can anyone help me i verified integrity but it didnt help :( i cant see other chat ingame or my own i send :(

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help I cant see chat at all :( ingame
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6 years 212 days ago


 try to reinstall ur video driver, maybe that helps. 

-but first change resolution to minimum

 -quit game 

-deinstall videodriver

 -restart pc

-reinstall driver

after the installation:

before you increase resolution, check if u see the chat GUI

It can be at these points:

1. grapic file not loaded from directory (solution: graphic card driver or if it is in every game, broken GDDR component)

2. grapic file corrupted (solution: verify file integrety)

3. Pc component combination instable for "Inquisitor Martyr" (solution: pray to Omnissiah, the holy throne and the Dev Team)

6 years 211 days ago
What resolution are you playing at?