So i'm at my wits end here - bought the game, started the alpha, and i cannot start a single mission.
I pick a sub-sectpor and mission - then the server connection screen pops up, a desktop message of a map bug, and the general chat pops up. I cannot get out of it, so i have to shut down the game from desktop, delete the old char, start a new one, and the new one, STARTS in the former chars character, and with the former chars funds...

really really sucks that the game is so unstable :'( ... any sectors or missions that works? what can i do`?

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7 years 156 days ago
I have been having similar character doesn't delete but i cant load any map and i have to return to the desktop to exit the looks fun but im sad i cant get it to work
7 years 156 days ago
This happens since the latest patch on Friday :c We will fix this issue ASAP.