Helmets? Where are the Helmets?


Hey Guys,

I have an interessting question. Everywhere in the WH40k Universe it seems, that they want to be cool and dont wear helmets...

Sry for the "stupid", but no one in Battle want to miss his/her Helmet. It's the most fucked up Thing i the 40K Universe. Ever Sargent has to be dead in the first five minutes of the Battle. Same for the Inquistor.

Pls Neocore implement Helmets!!! 

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Helmets? Where are the Helmets?
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7 years 89 days ago

Upcoming update: Inquisitor Crusader acid spit... that is why!

But seriously, usually sergeants or above simply don't use their helmets as it's an identifier for them while the troops should remain uniformed. Though I will agree - something is missing.

Instead I propose implementing a new slot: Iron Halos for Crusaders and Psykers - Helmets (or cowls?) for Assassins

Iron Halo: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Iron_Halo#.UmiZgXBworU

7 years 89 days ago
yeah, the iron halo can be an option. But i like helmets it they complete the armor. And the reason "identifier" is no reasen ;) they can use the normal helmets of the troops. For the Tabletop-Game the unhelmt sargents are only an option. I build my Grey Knights everytime with helmets an they look much better then without
7 years 89 days ago

It is an age old question, and few can seem to find a definite answer.  High rank Space Marines (as well as most Imperium leadership) are not seen using helmets.  It does inspire the troops.  Other types of protection exist, and many of the advantages can be gained from the cybernetics implanted in later ranks.  Some even claim that Space Marines are so enhanced that the skull is already hardened like a helmet.

So it is a cosmetic option.  The Devs may offer it as an option.  Or someone might make a modded file that allows it.  Time will tell.

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7 years 89 days ago
It could  be like  saying i don't wear a helmet because i am bad and i can kill you without needing one.   They could wear them but then they would look like ever other space marine.   The way i look at it is taking the helmet off is more of a prestige thing than anything.
7 years 89 days ago
Giving the option of a helmet/head slot wouldn't really be a bad thing. They just need to add an option to hide the thing, as some people don't like helmets - and hiding stuff like this is a normal thing in MMORPGs.

So +1

7 years 88 days ago

I have noticed when equipping T2 armor the headgear does change so perhaps headgear/helmets will be included but at higher tier levels?

At T2 all variants that I have used appear to have a thin skull cap type with some eye wear aswell (to imitate targeting augmentations perhaps?)

I would like to see armor and helms separate though, not only would it enable more varied visuals but could also be another way to give varying stats higher accuracy for instance to augment the various higher RoF weapons.

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7 years 88 days ago
I'm in favour of helmets.

Helmets are protective. Helmets are efficient. Helmets are cool. 

I would love a seperate equip slot for helmets.

7 years 88 days ago
I Post this, cause i dont want to miss helmets in the later game.
7 years 87 days ago

7 years 87 days ago
This is cool. But armor specific i think? I Mean real helmets ;) 

But i search a lot for the Inqusitors but there not even once Picture with helmets... I understand now, why this game has no helmets till now :D 
7 years 86 days ago
Indeed Inquisitors were/are 'character' models in the tabletop which typically had all Its characters without helmets so the stand out and are unique.

Even Azrael Supreme Grandmaster of the Dark Angels Space Marines Chapter has no helm eqipped but is accompanied by by a watcher in the dark model carrying his wargear the lion helm, I actually bought 2 of these models to modify and have one with the lion helm equipped.

7 years 83 days ago
If I remember correctly the stuff that is located behind the head is an Iron Halo (the big Inquisitorial singn). The Iron Halo is a force field generator which can protect the user's head against shots.  This way they can look cool and stay alive in battle. On the other hand I really like helmets, masks in games and I will miss the customization option for this slot.