Heavy Weapons, Rifles, and Cover


Heavy Weapons versus Rifles-
When I first started I chose the heavy weapon variant. I had some fun slogging through levels, laying wast to enemies. I tried out every variant of heavy weapon and though they were awesome.
Then I decided to try out the various Rifles, and man I feel disappointed. All the Rifles are nearly on Par with Heavy weapons as far as damage goes (With the exception of the Heavy Flamer, That thing is great) but Heavy weapons keep the character slowed, which makes maps take longer. Currently there is no advantage to the heavy weapons, and their main disadvantage is a major disadvantage. The Rifles feel good where they are.

Suggestions: Remove the Slower speed from Heavy Weapons but have a 2 second bracing before fire can begin. Buff Heavy Weapons Damage, either from fire rate, damage per hit, or both.


I know there's lots of posts on this but here's my feedback. It feels Clunky and extra. I would suggest it being toggle based with a specific key to order the character to go and take cover. Something like press V to have the character head to the spot and then take cover. Obviously canceled by a Move command.

The Range of weapons feels short for these being Rifles and heavy weapons. The distance seems more appropriate to pistols. Can we get a buff on Range?

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Heavy Weapons, Rifles, and Cover
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Game kNight
I don't completely review iwth the heavy bolter in particular. Not sure if you have noted but if you hold shift you can continuously fire and regain the benefit of your mouse left and right click making it do insane DPS close with left and accurate long rnage daamage on right click. That added with the huge clip I feel it's in a huge place and fairly "balanced" - At the end of the day it can't be expected to be more powerful than the rifle, there merely has to be a balance, which I feel is achieved with these two functions. 

As for range I think I agree. But also i'm not sur eyou want stray bullets going across 2x the map widths as you will end up aggroing 1/2 the world at once. Perhaps a 10% range boost but with the newer content these ranges might become apparently important?

7 years 124 days ago
I agree - the Heavy Bolter just doesn't seem all that powerful (why I went over to the Heavy Flamer, and that thing DOES rock!)

I think the slower movement speed is fine, but damage should be increased by maybe 25% due to being heavy.

- Maybe instead of a bracing timer they should add a timer for moving after having fired of two seconds due to the Crusader recovering from having taken a heavy weapon stance? Which could be 2 seconds - this would limit their ability to disengage quickly from fights and varrent a higher DPS requirement.