Health Per Second bug?


Hello, I have a question in regard to health per second. Using the relic armor that gives extra health regen per missing max health, some min-maxing, and perks, I should be getting 500+hp/sec (highest seen was around 606). That being said, while the game reports that I should be getting that health/sec, I watch my health value during gameplay it seems like my regen is no different from my previous armor set's 70hp/sec.

Is there a health regen bug or cap that I have overlooked? I really feel that this isn't performing correctly.

Thanks for the help!

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Health Per Second bug?
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4 years 190 days ago

Sorry for the late reply, work really picked up after I had posted this and I had forgotten to reply. I've included a picture of the relic item that I think isn't working properly, along with the display in game that I think isn't quite right.

To go deeper into the build, I have relic items each with the relic bonus of +5 hp/s stat bonus. If possible, they also have the non-relic + hp/s stat bonus. I also bring Artifical Organs and Artifical Organs II to add an additional 50 hp/s + 100% to any health per second bonuses. There are also some passives from defense and suppression that add even more hp/s. This ends up leaving my base health per second somewhere between 200 and 300.

The relic item in the picture is supposed to take that and add a percent bonus based on missing health, meaning I should be able to get around 600 hp/s when close to death. What I think is interesting is that this health per second is displayed when I hover over the health bar in game when hurt, but I don't think it is actually active.

What I mean by this is that while the game claims I have 600 health per second, watching the value by hovering over the health bar shows that my health value isn't actually going up by 600 each second.

 I know I'm super late to reply, but any help would be appreciated!

Edit - I can get the other perk and passive names if needed, but I feel it's probably the relic bonus, so I only really included that.

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4 years 239 days ago

could you please provide those passive skill and perk names which you use and affect your HP regen? We will check if any of them is working badly. We would check on the relic armor's enchantment could you please take a screenshot of that armor?