Health Per Second bug?


Hello, I have a question in regard to health per second. Using the relic armor that gives extra health regen per missing max health, some min-maxing, and perks, I should be getting 500+hp/sec (highest seen was around 606). That being said, while the game reports that I should be getting that health/sec, I watch my health value during gameplay it seems like my regen is no different from my previous armor set's 70hp/sec.

Is there a health regen bug or cap that I have overlooked? I really feel that this isn't performing correctly.

Thanks for the help!

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Health Per Second bug?
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19 days ago

could you please provide those passive skill and perk names which you use and affect your HP regen? We will check if any of them is working badly. We would check on the relic armor's enchantment could you please take a screenshot of that armor?