having sound issues


Well  I just got the game and loving it so far for a wip, my only problem is my sound is choppy/glitchy tried fiddling with my sound etc but with no luck, anyone have any idea, if you need more info just ask away, but this old man is at his wits end trying to figure out whats up, everything else works ok sound wise just this, so I thought I'd come ask here and cross my fingers.

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having sound issues
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6 years 363 days ago

Have you made sure the drivers are up to date?

6 years 363 days ago
Heretic Chris

Thanks Chris that was my first port of call, strangely after posting here I logged in to try again and the sound now works fine, so I conclude it was one of those weird close down steam and start again things, thankyou kindly for your help though.

On a side note, shiny awesome game, a truely epic 40K at last, thankyou devs, keep up the good work, hermit out.
6 years 362 days ago

I too am having sound issues since the update. I've been playing with the sound off and my stereo on.