HATE the latest console changes - lost all the fun


Not being allowed to tripple select the same bonus in tarot is just destroying any form of enjoyment for farming... 

- no 3x tarot for reliable tarot drops - how the hell should anyone farm out the 10s of thousands of card drops?! I'm lucky to get any to drop with a single lvl5 boost!! 

- no 3x Intel boost for credit farming on hunt missions. this is even worse! Can't reroll gear without insane amount of credits and Intel was the only reliable way to get it. Now I don't even get one to drop in a hunt mission quite often when nefore i would get 5-6 per mission on average! 

- no 3x XP... It was so great to run Intel missions with 3x XP for quick leveling. I shudder to think what it will take to level up the new class to 90... Just thinking about it makes me stop wanting to play. 

- no 3x specific item seal... This one's a deal breaker for final crusade chest together with the next one... There is really no reliable way to force specific item slot to drop... A single seal does jack sh1t... 

- fortune boost not working on final crusade chests... This is the worst one by far... Before the last patch I was reliably getting 1-2 morality relics from the morality chest with fortune boost. Even got 4 on several occasions. Now it's usually nothing! Together with the item seal not allowed x3, this pretty much killed any reliability for running a crusade for specific items. 

I really lost interest to play your game after those changes. There is zero control over drops or any reliability in farming anything. Everything is extremely random and extremely annoying. I've playing patch 2.0 since it dropped on PS4 and it was so much fun. There was no frustration, you had control over the game and could really customise a session to what you felt like doing. Now everything is random, there is zero control. I even bought Prophecy to support Neocore, but those changes feel like a giant slap in the face. 

You will probably say those were bugs. But the game has been like this for MONTHS. Literally not a word for any of you. Now you destroyed your game and have one less happy user. You probably don't care... I paid you money already... What do they say? A fool and his money is soon parted... Shame on me, I guess... 

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HATE the latest console changes - lost all the fun
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2 years 175 days ago
Unfortunately the option to apply the same Tarot card onto a mission was indeed a bug which was in the game since Patch 2.0. This was a mistake on our part but didn't want to leave this in the game as an exploit compared to the PC version. 

The Extreme Fortune consumable though was out of my view until now, we will check whats going on with it!