Harbinger of Hate Clue 6 crashes Xbox


This mission crashes every time I attempt it.  Uninstalling and reinstalling did not help.  Please advise, thanks.

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Harbinger of Hate Clue 6 crashes Xbox
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2 years 188 days ago
We would like to deeply apologize for the issue still being present ingame. Our internal tests showed good results prior to the release of the patch. We will investigate the issue and push out a new patch with the fixes as quickly as possible! 
2 years 188 days ago
Yeah. Except it doesn't fix it... And I experienced crashes even in warzone now!

Do you know that patches should have exactly the opposite effect?

2 years 188 days ago

we released a patch just hours after you created this topic which contained crash fixes in the campaign. Could you please check if you can complete this mission?