GRENADIER and ORDNANCE SEEKER Trophies BUGGED, game crashes, DLC not working


Another message for Neocore: please fix the bugs! Game crashes on multiplayer very often which probably screwed with counters for the last 2 trophies i miss. For Ordnance seeker i opened over 300 supply chests, and for grenadier killed over 2000 enemies with grenades yet both trophies still not popped. I tried to get them only on multiplayer but game crashes all the time... As other developers did before, i suggest that in next patch you open bugged tropies for everybody who already earned them! 

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170 days ago

In case you get a crash again, please send the crash report to us and add to the report your ingame email address! We will try to identify the source of the crash to resolve it! Please update this thread once you sent a report! 

We will check on your trophy progress on our backend! 

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I don't even get to finish the mission. Game crashes either just before last boss/task or during the last fight/task. Blue screen appears and i got kicked out of game completely. Last time i played multiplayer, frequency of crashes was around 3 out of 9. Always played random matchmaking.

When i play matchmaking and open chests/ kill enemies with grenades don't know what happens. Ingame counters are already maxed, and i can't follow up if the game counts kills/oppened chests towards trophy requirement or not. Is there another way on checking this? Playing on PS4. I wanted to try and open my missing trophies by playing only online but because of crashes i seeked your advice. 

173 days ago
So you complete the mission then exit the mission and instead of teleporting back onto the Command Bridge you get crashes? How frequently? 5 times out of 10 Matchmakings? All the time? These can relate to all type of missions or random missions only or maybe campaign missions? 

What happens if you start playing Matchmakings and try to kill enemies there with grenades and open chests? Could you please check on it?
Nevertheless we will consider that something has to do with the switch from Solo to Multiplayer and/or the reverse.

173 days ago
Hello and thank you for taking your time and replying to my messages.

About trophy issues: when i first started playing the game, i started with playing online multiplayer doing only matchmaking. Trophy counters seemed normal, since the values followed the number of deaths/oppened supply chests. When i got the tropthy for playing 50 multiplayer missions i switched to singleplay and story mode. Did maybe another 100 missions (singleplay) and ingame counters for both perks and trophies were done. Perks oppened normally but trophies didn't. So i continued playing solo/story mode for another 200 missions opening every supply chest i encountered and i systematically killed bunches of enemies with grenades but nothing.

As for crashes, for me they always happened in matchmaking multiplayer games. It was a bit odd, because all crashes happened almost at the end of mission. Didn't noticed nothing more specific than this. After the crash, when i signed back into the game, i still recieved the mission rewards as if the mission ended succesfully and not with a crash. Was able to start new multiplayer mission straight away with no problems. Just not being able to finnish due to crashes.

175 days ago

may I ask are you usually creating a party and play with others or use the Matchmaking option while playing Multiplayer?
Could you be a little more specific on the crash issues? When do they happen? When something specific happens?