Grenade Launcher issues


Hi there, I'm back after 3 years. So there are some issues with Grenade Launcher.

1) The ammo can go into negative numbers.

2) Due to bug 1 sometimes the game won't auto-reload your gun when you run out of ammo. This is very annoying, It caused me several times to walk into a new room full of monsters with negative ammo value and I had to manually reload.

3) The skills 2 and 3 (Short Burst and Mines) will keep firing even if you run out of ammo mid-skill. Try using the skill when you have enough ammo for only one shot, you'll still fire all shots.

4) The "Master Grenadier" passive (Area Effect tree, top right path) says it adds +50% Damage bonus to Grenade skills, but it seems this doesn't work on the Grenade Launcher skills. Bug or intended? 

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Grenade Launcher issues
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2 years 328 days ago
Thanks for the bug reports, all of them got forwarded to our devs!