Grav-Gun Skill 1 Gravity Surge Bug


When I use "Gravity Surge" of Grav-gun, it was stucked on some killed Bodies. 

I have to stop the skill to re-target. 

Please check the pics. 


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Grav-Gun Skill 1 Gravity Surge Bug
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191 days ago
The issue will get fixed as soon as possible! Sorry for the trouble!
196 days ago
Play with a controller and a heavy bolter... Right in the middle of the fun you spot a mine and hell yeah... No you never hit it and must start a new barrage
196 days ago

Thanks I just notice there are more terrain objects. But I don't know what's the point. 

It's a bit annoying, when you are forced, to switch targets time after time.  

Let alone most terrain objects are nothing helpful. 

196 days ago
It happens with all skills right now, so when any skill is active, you can target some terrain objects :)