GRaphics anomalies


While playing i found the apparel that hangs from the Chars shoulder had disappeared way off screen, with the connetor from it to my char tearing all over the screen at time, i've tried to capture it and attached.

i7 -2600K (3.4Ghz)

16Gb RAM @ 800Mhz

Nvidia GTX780

Win10 64 Bit

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GRaphics anomalies
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7 years 136 days ago
We could reproduce this issue and hopefully it will get fixed soon.
7 years 137 days ago
Have had similar, whole room went haywire while destroying a dreadnought. Thought grav gun was just that op, that it was wrecking the ship along with the heretics.
7 years 137 days ago
Getting this myself since Friday, as well as some of the champion status enemies such as the chaos havocs and plague marines