Graphicl bug. Hitboxes displyed?!


Sorry for the poor photo quality. It happened several times that squares are displayed, moving around with my character.

Happened twice in 20min, after the reward screen.

Ps: for any reason the picture is upside down :p

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Graphicl bug. Hitboxes displyed?!
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118 days ago
Thanks for the additional feedback we will try to reproduce the issue and fix it!
119 days ago


- no, the issue only occurs from time to time once i complete a mission and go back to the command bridge after the reward screen. I never entered the bridge from the login screen with this issue.

- i never got and disconnection playing the game.

- i never played multilayer. 100% played time solo.

- i have the baby flying pet

- happens occasionally when ttrying to farm missions as fast as possible

119 days ago

thank you for the valuable screenshot.

Could you please tell us the following:

- when you launch the game and log in with a character you immediately end up on the command bridge with this problem?

- did you get a disconnection before the issue?

- were you playing in solo or multiplayer prior to that?

- are you using pets?
- can you recall any similarity between the issues? It happens all the time, regularly or occasionally? Everything could help us tracking down the issue. Thanks in advance! 

We look forward to your reply!

120 days ago
Another bug.

I died in the first room of a mission called "Le lieu silencieux". The english name should be "the quiet place" a 1300 power lvl mission.

I cannot enter the room anymore...