Graphic Card heat buildup


I noticed that the game has some issues with heat buildup in the character creation/character select screen and certain areas (mostly interior/starship maps with deep chasms like the walkways or the chamber with the giant circular fan).

My graphics card usually runs that game at around 69°C to 72°C with high textures/details/shaders etc. (capped at 60 FPS), but in the these areas the temperature rises to about 85°C, at which point the fan kicks into high gear and keeps the temperature level. I didn't not test it for a prolonged period of time, but instead moved quickly on to keep the stress on the card at bay.

I guess there is some leak in the level geometry, causing the game trying to render more than there is to see on screen.

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Graphic Card heat buildup
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3 years 304 days ago
We will check these particular places and will make changes if necessary, thanks for the feedback!
3 years 305 days ago
I have the frame rate capped at 60 FPS. I even tried to switch to 30 FPS to see if has any noticeble difference but sadly not.
3 years 308 days ago
Adjust the frame rate from "Unlimited" to something more manageable.  Start with 60fps and then slowly work your way up to what you prefer.