GPU Temps off the Shard


Im running a I7 4790k, 32GB Ram, 2x 1TB SSD ....and 2 EVGA 980TI in a custom Watercooled loop 1x360mm 1x240mm Radiator

Normally the temps are never reaching above 52°C..

Since last update my temps are Skyrocketing  in Inq:Martyr....78°C and more..

anyone else got this Problems?

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GPU Temps off the Shard
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6 years 322 days ago

Ok...thanks for the respond...i was kinda worried^^

6 years 323 days ago

Pretty much everyone has this issue. It's just too early in the alpha and not a big enough company / engine to expect too much at this point :) optimisation will be the last thing done before release sadly. Perhaps adjust your fan curves if that's something you are comfortable with.

6 years 323 days ago

Its been like this for me since the begining, GPU and CPU loaded almost to 100% and 100 degrees temp(rig similar to yours), but the game still runs like shit. Very poorly optimised - if at all, lol.