GPU Temps off the Shard


Im running a I7 4790k, 32GB Ram, 2x 1TB SSD ....and 2 EVGA 980TI in a custom Watercooled loop 1x360mm 1x240mm Radiator

Normally the temps are never reaching above 52°C..

Since last update my temps are Skyrocketing  in Inq:Martyr....78°C and more..

anyone else got this Problems?

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GPU Temps off the Shard
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343 days ago

Its been like this for me since the begining, GPU and CPU loaded almost to 100% and 100 degrees temp(rig similar to yours), but the game still runs like shit. Very poorly optimised - if at all, lol.

343 days ago

Pretty much everyone has this issue. It's just too early in the alpha and not a big enough company / engine to expect too much at this point :) optimisation will be the last thing done before release sadly. Perhaps adjust your fan curves if that's something you are comfortable with.

343 days ago

Ok...thanks for the respond...i was kinda worried^^