Glory not reset


As title, glory has not reset to 0, still at 1010 but now says 7 days left.

Is this a known issue? Logged on to see what cool things I got in the Glory Packs!

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Glory not reset
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5 years 55 days ago

Good god. I figured it was a bug when it shifted over in the tooltip and figured my 800 (2200 by time of reset) glory was for two weeks.

That moment when a member of the holy Ordos realizes he has no life.

5 years 56 days ago
Heretic Chris

Yesterday afternoon I got my reward, but there was no big gun. Is resetting shifted?

5 years 56 days ago

Well, I hope you get your big gun :)

But if you have not had the packs today then its a bug, I got mine this morning, sorry :(

5 years 56 days ago
Heretic Chris

I have over 1.1k Glory Points atm i wait for a relly big gun ;)

5 years 57 days ago


This was just me not understanding how it works!

Sunday, the days reset but you can still get glory for the week, at midnight (so Monday)  the counter resets and you get your stuff.

So, you should have got some stuff this morning and Glory should be back to 0.


5 years 57 days ago

same for me - Sun 29 July

5 years 119 days ago

Thanks for the reply.

I logged in today and got the completion screen and most of my rewards, only got a Glory pack though no sign of the Great Glory Pack.

I did have to quit and start the game again to get rid of that screen though, but now it has reset and is working fine.


5 years 120 days ago
Seems like a bug to me, we'll check what's happening and fix it ASAP if necessary.