glitched fusion, bugged Appearance, DLC not showing, coop search not working


1.  Was Fusing some Inferno  Pistols. First, i lost one Inferno Pistols, it magically warped out of my Inventory, to nowhere to be found again, for which i used a couple Relics... had to buy a new one for my dual build... 

2.  Level on Weapons after Fusing didnt show correctly, only after a mission it went up...

3.  Apperance is shown incorrectly, wasted money on my Inferno Pistols, since one is green again and i made a black one...

4.  Desperate Crusde/ Maelsstorm of Carnage not showing in Store   

5. Coop Game aare not working i vcant find any Games. It shows players are waiting but i cant join them...

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61 days ago

OOkay, thnx a lot Guys, i appreciate it ;-))

Look, of course what i said is surely kind of debateable, since u can do different builds, butwhen u look on Steam, or the Internet, its always the same builds u find for doing Warzone Endgame. Im on the 5th or fourth stage with my Crusader and i take so much dmg its crazy. I really need to watch for Grooups of Enemies that are shooting at the same time. With my build i cant really kill multiple Enemies with one shoot,  plus i dont have resistantces skilled except 20% more Armor. I have Digital Weapon Relic, which took me ages to get even one and Inoculater of course. But the problem again is that u do enough dmg to kill them, but then u have so many enemies shooting not even with Lifeleech and a lot dps, shots per second, u can keep up, sionce ur Weapons Overheat very fast, u have to switch, in that time ur vunerebale and u cant take Overheat Mastery, which is a bit of a joke in my opinion. So u also have to choose between Shoots per minute or dmg again. I can have higher firrerate but then i loose a lot of Dmg and time to finish the mission. I dont want to do one Warzone Mission which takes me up and hour or so. I feel like i have an really good build goin^g with my Crusader, but i need the extra levels at least, so i can finish this build.  But if i have problems already, im not sure if its worth later. However u never know.  Also u cant change Perks becasue u loose Defense or DMg aswell. Some Perks are so much better than others like 50% more Dmg on debuffed Enemies. Thats crazy with my build. Why take Overheat then, it makes no sense. 

I use 10% Crit chance, 50 % more DMg on Debuffed and im trying a bit with Augmented Body 2 or the one u get 40% less dmg on 50% Hp and below which is neat aswell. 

If i dont forgert i put my build here and see what u Guys think about it, so u can test it maybe and see my point of view.  

BUT HEY, maybe im so bad in Math, which i am... XD and my build sucks so bad and is hopeless. But i really wanted to build a Inquisitor around a Lasgun, becasue i fell in Love and no one is using it! 

Also u Guys have put ll these Weapons into the Game, wont u like to see somoene using ur Dopea.s Lasgun and Meltas...?

Well i wouldnt like it to see people play with the same builds and weapons when there are so many other cool weapons around. 

i tried Nemesis Level 4 and i got melted, melted. My dmg is good but ,my defense sucks. I play alone like i said. Melee is so much more better than ranged, but hey i felt like im doing Melee in every other Rpg so i take Ranged Tank?! Why not XD

62 days ago

I compensated your loss of credits.

The Maelstrom of Carnage is available in the EU PS store. Check it out here:
The Desperate Crusade DLC is indeed not yet available, our console publisher is working on this already!

I will forward your opinion on the ranged weapons, our designers will check it out, thank you very much!

63 days ago


thnx for the quick reply ;-)

4. No, im searching and have to wait like one minute and a half, then it says, " Players are waiting", but the option, " Ui" speaking is nowhere ;-(. 

Could it be maybe NAT ype issues? 

Look im honest, i have strict Nat Type  and i Tether over my Cellphone, BUT im pretty sure i played Coop after the game released with searching function! and i played with players over invite  function which works or did at least. 

3. My Tag is "Roibr" on PSN/ PS4 in Europe. 

1-2. No, sadly it did not appear again. I was lucky the sacred Vault had oned with the same affix left  XD   i did it  three times...

When is the new patch coming out? 

Does Crusader Ranged get finally buffed, he fels really weak in Endgame... I play Crit chance, Hp on Crit with Crusader which is reallys Dope with Lasgun and now after a lot of testing and playing i changed from Plasma Heavy and Melta Heavy to Dual Inferno Pistols as secondary since Dps seems much better... I know there is Grav Gun which is probably the best option for Warzone Hordes etc. In Guides everyone is using GravGun, but i like Underrated Wepons or do stuff others dont.  I know therse are single Dps Weapons but killing is not a problem, staying alive is at Warzone 4 at the 2nd to last lvl. I use Tac Armor with Turrets which do like no dmg, but i like this Armor so much i dont want any Jumppack or Rocketlauncher Armor. 

Its like u can either go Dmg or Survivability. But Dmg is so low compared to tother classes if u go Survivvability u have to go all the way and in the end u cant do enough dmg, so it would take u ages to complete a lvl...  

Heat Weapons overheat so fast without Perk its crazy. Problem is u need Crit Chance, Debuff, and some kind of Defensiv Perk like Augmented Body 2 or ç0% less DMG on 50HP and below. U can still do a shitton of dmg but ur Survivabuility is in the cellar. I feel like the balance is shifted so heavily on Crusader its hard. I dont  want any Gravgun becasue of reloading and i dont want any Deflect build becasue its broken.  To have enough Dmg and Crit and to make my build work perfectly i cannot put points into Resistant skill tree, unless i can go to lvl 100. However im not sure if it holds up even after in can go to this Lvl. That means that build are really limited...  

I totally love this Game and cant wait for Prophecy, but we need some buffs on certain Classes. 


64 days ago
5. There are 4 players assembled but the game does not start? This is how you meant it?

4. May I ask in what region and on what platform are you playing? 

3. The appearance tab's issues will get fixed with the 2.0 patch - nevertheless I will compensate your loss please give me your PSN/Gamertag. 

1-2. The Fusion option will get removed with the upcoming patch as well. Even after a relog into the Main menu then back into the game did the relic Inferno pistol not appear?