glitched fusion, bugged Appearance, DLC not showing, coop search not working


1.  Was Fusing some Inferno  Pistols. First, i lost one Inferno Pistols, it magically warped out of my Inventory, to nowhere to be found again, for which i used a couple Relics... had to buy a new one for my dual build... 

2.  Level on Weapons after Fusing didnt show correctly, only after a mission it went up...

3.  Apperance is shown incorrectly, wasted money on my Inferno Pistols, since one is green again and i made a black one...

4.  Desperate Crusde/ Maelsstorm of Carnage not showing in Store   

5. Coop Game aare not working i vcant find any Games. It shows players are waiting but i cant join them...

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1 year 44 days ago

as far as I can recall I compensated your loss in Caligari credits.
The Skull Mask will become an obtainable item after our first event will roll out on console. Collecting enough Favours will let you purchase it from Custodian Rebus who will make his first appearance in an event coming out soon on console.

As new item tiers have been introduced the models got rearranged hence the changes.

1 year 45 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 1 year 246 days ago

I compensated your loss of credits.

The Maelstrom of Carnage is available in the EU PS store. Check it out here:
The Desperate Crusade DLC is indeed not yet available, our console publisher is working on this already!

I will forward your opinion on the ranged weapons, our designers will check it out, thank you very much!

Hey M8

well im still Downloading the new Patch. Wanna see how much better it got and if i can finally Join others again ^^

About my "Compensation"?!  I didnt get anything, i had to Farm another Inferno Pistols btw, you stated you would compensate me and i didnt get anything... ;-(( but i have a solution maybe... 

Couple Questions:

1. Why the heck did u Guys change the Relic Armor on Crusader Tactical?! why has it been changed from the SUPER NICE Klosterheim Armor to what i have now?! I cant follow that, sry. It doesnt look as Good as before in the slightest... Is there a way to get Klosterheim Style Armor back?  I want that  Armor badly on my Tac, this is why i play Crusader among other things... ;-((

And did u Guys manage to bring the Klosterheim Chainsword into the Game for Players, becasue it looks far, far better than all the other Skins!

2. Since u didnt Compensate me, and im still pissed that Seasonpass owners didnt get the Adept in that said Seasonpass( which cost me another 30 bucks) which if i new before i wouldnt have bought and  would have waited for that DLC,  to get at least the Skull Helmet for Compensation? I missed that Baby and would super Nice of You and really appreciated to Compensate me with that?!   I will still play that game becasue i love it , even if i dont felt that Animations etc needed a buff in Speed becasue that made this Game Unique..

Thnx and have a nice one

1 year 245 days ago

OOkay, thnx a lot Guys, i appreciate it ;-))

Look, of course what i said is surely kind of debateable, since u can do different builds, butwhen u look on Steam, or the Internet, its always the same builds u find for doing Warzone Endgame. Im on the 5th or fourth stage with my Crusader and i take so much dmg its crazy. I really need to watch for Grooups of Enemies that are shooting at the same time. With my build i cant really kill multiple Enemies with one shoot,  plus i dont have resistantces skilled except 20% more Armor. I have Digital Weapon Relic, which took me ages to get even one and Inoculater of course. But the problem again is that u do enough dmg to kill them, but then u have so many enemies shooting not even with Lifeleech and a lot dps, shots per second, u can keep up, sionce ur Weapons Overheat very fast, u have to switch, in that time ur vunerebale and u cant take Overheat Mastery, which is a bit of a joke in my opinion. So u also have to choose between Shoots per minute or dmg again. I can have higher firrerate but then i loose a lot of Dmg and time to finish the mission. I dont want to do one Warzone Mission which takes me up and hour or so. I feel like i have an really good build goin^g with my Crusader, but i need the extra levels at least, so i can finish this build.  But if i have problems already, im not sure if its worth later. However u never know.  Also u cant change Perks becasue u loose Defense or DMg aswell. Some Perks are so much better than others like 50% more Dmg on debuffed Enemies. Thats crazy with my build. Why take Overheat then, it makes no sense. 

I use 10% Crit chance, 50 % more DMg on Debuffed and im trying a bit with Augmented Body 2 or the one u get 40% less dmg on 50% Hp and below which is neat aswell. 

If i dont forgert i put my build here and see what u Guys think about it, so u can test it maybe and see my point of view.  

BUT HEY, maybe im so bad in Math, which i am... XD and my build sucks so bad and is hopeless. But i really wanted to build a Inquisitor around a Lasgun, becasue i fell in Love and no one is using it! 

Also u Guys have put ll these Weapons into the Game, wont u like to see somoene using ur Dopea.s Lasgun and Meltas...?

Well i wouldnt like it to see people play with the same builds and weapons when there are so many other cool weapons around. 

i tried Nemesis Level 4 and i got melted, melted. My dmg is good but ,my defense sucks. I play alone like i said. Melee is so much more better than ranged, but hey i felt like im doing Melee in every other Rpg so i take Ranged Tank?! Why not XD

1 year 246 days ago

I compensated your loss of credits.

The Maelstrom of Carnage is available in the EU PS store. Check it out here:
The Desperate Crusade DLC is indeed not yet available, our console publisher is working on this already!

I will forward your opinion on the ranged weapons, our designers will check it out, thank you very much!

1 year 247 days ago


thnx for the quick reply ;-)

4. No, im searching and have to wait like one minute and a half, then it says, " Players are waiting", but the option, " Ui" speaking is nowhere ;-(. 

Could it be maybe NAT ype issues? 

Look im honest, i have strict Nat Type  and i Tether over my Cellphone, BUT im pretty sure i played Coop after the game released with searching function! and i played with players over invite  function which works or did at least. 

3. My Tag is "Roibr" on PSN/ PS4 in Europe. 

1-2. No, sadly it did not appear again. I was lucky the sacred Vault had oned with the same affix left  XD   i did it  three times...

When is the new patch coming out? 

Does Crusader Ranged get finally buffed, he fels really weak in Endgame... I play Crit chance, Hp on Crit with Crusader which is reallys Dope with Lasgun and now after a lot of testing and playing i changed from Plasma Heavy and Melta Heavy to Dual Inferno Pistols as secondary since Dps seems much better... I know there is Grav Gun which is probably the best option for Warzone Hordes etc. In Guides everyone is using GravGun, but i like Underrated Wepons or do stuff others dont.  I know therse are single Dps Weapons but killing is not a problem, staying alive is at Warzone 4 at the 2nd to last lvl. I use Tac Armor with Turrets which do like no dmg, but i like this Armor so much i dont want any Jumppack or Rocketlauncher Armor. 

Its like u can either go Dmg or Survivability. But Dmg is so low compared to tother classes if u go Survivvability u have to go all the way and in the end u cant do enough dmg, so it would take u ages to complete a lvl...  

Heat Weapons overheat so fast without Perk its crazy. Problem is u need Crit Chance, Debuff, and some kind of Defensiv Perk like Augmented Body 2 or ç0% less DMG on 50HP and below. U can still do a shitton of dmg but ur Survivabuility is in the cellar. I feel like the balance is shifted so heavily on Crusader its hard. I dont  want any Gravgun becasue of reloading and i dont want any Deflect build becasue its broken.  To have enough Dmg and Crit and to make my build work perfectly i cannot put points into Resistant skill tree, unless i can go to lvl 100. However im not sure if it holds up even after in can go to this Lvl. That means that build are really limited...  

I totally love this Game and cant wait for Prophecy, but we need some buffs on certain Classes. 


1 year 248 days ago
5. There are 4 players assembled but the game does not start? This is how you meant it?

4. May I ask in what region and on what platform are you playing? 

3. The appearance tab's issues will get fixed with the 2.0 patch - nevertheless I will compensate your loss please give me your PSN/Gamertag. 

1-2. The Fusion option will get removed with the upcoming patch as well. Even after a relog into the Main menu then back into the game did the relic Inferno pistol not appear?