Giant Half Dome Black Voids on Maps


Giant Half Dome Black Voids on maps. 

Last 2 maps in a row I have enounctered this giant black half dome voids in the map that you cant see into, you can walk into, mobs are in them, but its black, no detail., no anything. its a real pain in the butt trying to not get killed by turrets or mobs, or anything when a giant void of the map is missing.. I know its not my rig, its less than a mnth old and can push this game 3x over. 

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Giant Half Dome Black Voids on Maps
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2 years 176 days ago
The problem fixed when i set all the graphics settings to max. not sure what caused it. you are right , i should have taken a screen shot, i have no idea why that slipped my mind. if it happens again you better believe i will catch a pick. 
2 years 180 days ago
I played a lot since today morning, never encountered such a bug once.

I guess it would be very helpful for the devs if you give them a bit more detail and maybe screenshots.

Did it just happen on certain Maptypes?

May the Emperor banish such black void chaos anomalies!