general melee combat and some CHAINSWORD love please


Being trying melee combat today and I would suggest some changes.

-Area skills like sweeping attacks with chainsword/powersword/poweraxe seem to have very limited reach and are described as "cone efect (wide)". The "wide" arc its more like 45º, for an atack probably aimed to be somehow crowd control it just dont fullfill its supposed role. The reach and arc efect its so short that most of the times you only hit one target. I would change it with an increasing the distance and extend its arc to 120-180º.

-The inherent properties of each weapon type seem a bit weird imho.

   ·Power-Axe with its maximum pierce makes no sense with DoT for a weapon that has critical bonusses and piercing damage. 

   ·Power-Hammer its probably on his place with stun/knockback efects, although the stun efect of Shockwave its somehow very poor         or non-existent.

   ·Power sword its a great all around weapon with no special capabilities but with good damage output, probably the best choice if using Thunder hammer with the second weapons set.

   ·The chainsword its the ugly guy on the street. The stats look great, but its behavior in game its very poor, the fact that the power axe has DoT and this sword lacks its its surprising for me taking in accout that any bloodbag atacked by this thing should-bleed-a-LOT. "Eviscerate" should be the bane of every non-armored target but somehow it only works really well on elites with knockback resistance, Common mobs most of the times suffer some kind of knockback effect from this weapon making this hability useless and losing its "sustained" attack. Scything Strike should create DoT  on every non mechanical target hit by it.

   ·Thunder hammer works quite well and I would only suggest to extend its stun/vulnerability effect on shockwave/pulverize as they are extremelly short atm.

Please forgive my heretical grammar. 

Praise the Emperor, should his Will guide you through the machine spirit until hitting gold.

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general melee combat and some CHAINSWORD love please
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7 years 141 days ago
All Thunder Hammer abilities should be armor-piercing imho, the combo skill is outright ridicolous on an armored target compared to the left-click attack.
7 years 141 days ago
Yeah, that´s why I think that the combo should give a much longuer vulnerability bonus, atm its nearly useless.
7 years 140 days ago
I'm finding the melee combat quite disappointing. Melee is my go to class/spec in pretty much every game I play. Crushing, stunning and slamming groups of guys and see them explode and go flying with a big two hander, or battering my way into the ranks behind a shield for some protection and some smashing groups back with it, I love that stuff. 

The scenario in Inquisitor seems to be this: I'm ranged. I head into a room full of guys, jump behind cover, and blast the crap out of guys sluggishly heading towards me and then the ranged guys, taking breathers when I need to regain some suppression and reload. Room clear, maybe 20 seconds.

I'm melee: I wade across the room getting blasted from all sides by rockets, bullets, fire, whatever. I make it to a bit of a group who are slightly spread out and I have to get seriously close to them to hit them, my aoe arc doesn't hit more than one guy, sometimes two. The shield aoe ability seems no better. I churn through one guy at a time,  and by the time I've gotten to the last guy my suppression is all gone, my health is low and it's taken me three /four times longer than the simple "stand back and blast em all of ranged"

This is from a standpoint of not being geared or specced much in either setting. Just right off the bat. I love melee, but The discrepancy between the ease and speed of ranged versus melee seems so ridiculous that I can't bring myself to slog through a mission playing how I want. So I play as ranged and don't really enjoy it. 

7 years 140 days ago

I have similar feelings about melee (going to try ranged after posting this), although playing sword 'n' board does wonders for blasting foes away. It's the one thing about melee I like - I can see and more importantly feel my enemies being obliterated. I made the mistake of selling a one-handed sword somehow and ended up with a shield or a two-handed mace, and it was the former that kept me alive longer. After much struggling I almost finished a mission, but died one too many times insisting a two-handed hammer would do more damage at the cost of survivability. After a while it occurred that what I was doing was simply not practical.

I hope my criticism doesn't come off as too harshly. I understand this is Alpha but I'd like to highlight a glaring flaw, especially when the game is as slowly paced as it is. With its current camera controls, pathfinding and enemy aggro duration, I don't feel as though melee is currently worth it. The thing is, melee's the most interesting thing to me in 40k so I'd prefer that than the ho-hum ranged combat we're with at the moment.

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