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It's still a new patch, so I don't have opinions on everything yet, but here's what I've come up with so far.

  • The feeling of progression is nonexistent. After a couple of days of binge playing my character still feels exactly as powerful as when I started, and can't really do anything new.
  • You reduced the forced kiting and insane mob stats. That's a step in the right direction. Combat still needs more changes though. Different enemies still don't require different tactics to fight. Combat is still almost entirely noninteractive and almost never requires you to react to anything. 
  • Why did I stop finding heavy bolters? I want my heavy bolter back. 
  • Being stunlocked to death solo is still a thing.
  • Why are controllers the default device on a PC game? I have one plugged in that I mostly use for Rocket League. After the patch I thought the game was broken at first because my mouse and keyboard weren't working. The game gave me no warning that it had randomly switched me to controller mode. At least tell me so I don't spend my first 10 minutes trying to fix a game that isn't broken. Or better yet when the game detects a controller for the first time give me a pop-up and let me choose.
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General Feedback
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