Gearing mechanics discuss


Hi All, 

something that's been on my mind last couple of days 

we currently have 3 tiers of equipment implemented, gold(common), blue(uncommon), green (rare) .

I'm curious about the gears relation to our attack and defense ratings, my character is geared with all green items where possible and level 12 atm but i barely scratch level 2 attack power(67/120) and my defense is at 50. being far less defense items than attack item slots.

Are the current item tiers going to scale in ratings? so we can achieve the higher ranks or are higher tiers of equipment going to be introduced to provide higher scaling? what sort of attack and defense ratings should we be aspiring too?. i haven't seen a map rated higher than level 1 yet so I'm not sure if higher quality of gear is already available.

should defense be harder than attack to build? seems to be a discrepancy here or is it as intended ?

should it take 3 tiers of equipment to get from att/def 1 to att/def 2 ? and how far are these ratings going to go?

I hope some Dev's can throw in on this, there isn't much out there on the equipment/power scaling side of things and some info will help determine if it's scaling well

also, what is the level cap? how many skill points total are we looking at for final builds?

thanks, please give me your thoughts

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Gearing mechanics discuss
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7 years 98 days ago
As others have said yes there are purple (rare) items ingame as well. I got one from a treasure bag.

At the moment I don't think that attack and defense values matter at all. I was doing a lot of lvl 1 missions and suddenly a different system offered only lvl 3 missions. I started doing these, upgraded all my items so I got to 3 (or 4? not sure atm) attack and 2 defense. Suddenly I am back to only having lvl 1 missions and it doesn't seem to make any difference if I attack an enemy in a lvl 1 or lvl 3 mission.

If the attack and defense ratings matter at all at the moment (and I really doubt it) it is very hard to say what they do and almost impossible to judge if it is better to equip a lower rated weapon with higher dps values than a higher rated one with lower dps.

7 years 99 days ago

Once you advance to level 2 missions you get the next tier of gear dropping which has more stats, they all jump by about 20 points.

Basically keep running level 1 missions until you advance the system to level 2.   Keep equipping green gear and get your attack or defence to level 2.   It is a balancing act but it can be done.

7 years 99 days ago
The gear is scaling with map levels, also you can find purple items as well. If you look around the topics there already are people with level 3+ attack and defense ratings, also having purple stuff.