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I am writing here lost - I like the Van Helsing Final Cut but this is such a dealbreaker to me. I have started playing multiplayer adventures with my friends today.


1) We play the VH: Final Cut, get some loot. Then we take a break.

2) We come back to the game some time later. 

3) A message pops up telling one or all of us that our characters are invalid and do we wish to fix it by resetting the chars. 

**I have then googled this message and found out that this is a somewhat cheat and stat mod protection. It makes no sense, our characters are low level (lv20) and we were playing all the way fairly, we have hardly collected any good gear nor our stats are good since we are struggling in "hard" diff. ***

4)   No matter what we press - YES /NO the same thing happens - the gear stats get "rerolled", usually losing 2-3 out of 4-5 item affixes. 


For example: Some Pistol (STAT 1, STAT 2, STAT 3, STAT 4) . After relog and receiving that "char invalid message" The Pistol will fall in one of these scenarios:


1) The Pistol is left with STAT 1, STAT 2 only, losing STAT 3 and STAT 4 completely. In this scenario STAT 3 and STAT 4 are gone but it appears STAT 1 and STAT 2 become boosted. Example:

Some Pistol [

+ 20 cold damage

+ 10 damage

+ 20 % weapon damage

+ 5 % poison damage


Becomes like this: 

Some Pistol [

+ 100 cold damage

+ 70 damage



2) (!) Another scenario is that the item loses ALL affixes:

Some Pistol [



BUT it looks like it is visual only as weirdly when finding new gear it is still displayed still as a better option. For example I had a crossbow lv 13 which lost all affixes but was still irreplaceable up to lv 40 as its DPS output by comparison was displayed as better than any other newly found epic weapon.


1) Relogging/ Restarting the game doesn't help to restore the gear's original stats layout. 

2) This happens to Katarina's items as well. 

Please help and suggest a solution:

I have found a lot of reports regarding the "character invalid issue" however I found no reports regarding the broken gear question so I would be grateful if you could verify and confirm whether:

1) Affixes disappearing/ merging/ completely disappearing is a visual bug only and doesn't impact the character's performance?

2) Or is it something much more serious?

3) A possible solution to fix this as well as the "character is invalid" error. I have seen the devs asking to send them the save files for inspection, which I can gladly do, but it makes no sense as this issue began occuring as early as in lv 10. Anyways let me know, if a save file would be of any help. 

4) There is a solution to this issue?



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Hi! Please send a detailed email to [email protected]