Gear dissapearring


Gear dissapearring after finishing a mission . Characters end up Naked exept their main weapon in the first set up.

Also before that happened I equipped a power sword that I just got and it got replaced in the mission by a chain sword.

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Gear dissapearring
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1 year 361 days ago
Same problem
1 year 361 days ago

Same here, I can't wait for Monday! ;)

1 year 361 days ago
Just logged in... my Lvl 10 Crusader has been robbed. Not a single item left on him
1 year 361 days ago
I've got exactly the same problem.

Funny thing - now even newly created character starts without any gear.  

1 year 361 days ago

Hi! Thanks for the report! This is a known issue and will be fixed as soon as possible!

1 year 361 days ago
Just to add i just logged in to play a game and found all my equipped items from both setups were missing on my character.
1 year 361 days ago
UPDATE its fixed ! and we got a refund of 10k .. well its fixed 90 % we still are missing the equipment needed to take potions in combat and the Vendor doesn't sell those
1 year 360 days ago
dimitris k

You will soon get back the starting gear on your remaining empty slots.

The rest of this issue is one of our top priority issues to fix now. Thanks for your feedback!