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Hi all,

I created a new inquisitor last night to try the melee spec and I got frustrated very soon. I realize this might have been partly because the generic ARPG melee playstyle isn't compatible with the game's core mechanics (suppression + cover) and needs adjustments.  

I've put together a list of mechanics and features I feel should be improved. Feel free to comment on this thread, offer advice and add your own input. 

1. Cone attacks

The arc of the cone attacks is too tight in my opinion. Since the mobs don't clump that closely and the attack range of these attacks is melee, it's hard even with the "wide" cone attacks to hit more than two enemies.  I think it would make sense to expand the arc of these attacks: 60 degrees -> between 120- 160 degrees ; 120 degrees-> between 180-240 degrees

2. Leap (extra ability from armor)

It's really bad on multiple levels

  • aiming: you need to have a clear path to your target destination to leap there. Jumping from covers quite often results in jumping in one place, just like trying to jump above a dreadnaught from close range.  The camera is another hindrance for using leaps, because he vision is often blocked by walls, pillars and other stuff and you can't click "behind" them. If you try to leap behind one of these, you often jump in one place. 
  • animation speed: it's really slow. There is a delay between the input and the animation and then the animation itself is slow too. 
  • knockback effect: the knockback of the leap is cool but -- at least with my 1h playstyle -- it's also annoying. I try to use leap as a gap closer, but the knockback spreads the mob pack out and it makes little to no difference in the time I need to spend moving to eventually kill every enemy in a pack.  I also have a hard time seeing the enemies laying on the floor, they become smaller targets and harder to click on. 

3. Ability attributes

It's really cool that attacks can have so many different attributes, but I don't see that much difference in the end result. Maybe this will be different on high level. 

4. Animation speed

Every animation is quite slow in the game which is OK when you are far from the enemy, but very annoying in melee range. 

5. Movement

Movement glitches are quite frequent. When I move into a certain direction and use an ability, my character sometimes gets stuck and won't move for a few seconds or until I move into another direction.

6. Grenades

It's a bit puzzling how grenades work. Firstly, the hotkey doesn't respond when the animation of a previous command is still unfinished.  Since the animations are slow, this makes using grenades very awkward. Then comes the aiming: it makes you immobile, you can't cancel it, and since the camera gives you very bad vision, you might need to rotate the camera midaiming which is really tricky. Oh yeah, and the grenade goes off after a few seconds if you didn't launch it already. 

7. UI

It's not melee specific, but I feel certain information is badly displayed or not displayed at all. 

  •  the HP bar is OK for now, but please create an option where I can set the HP value to be written above the bar. 
  •  My character sheet talks about suppression (points) while my mission UI shows suppression resistance %. Which one is it? By the way, I feel there should be way more information on the suppression system, because I don't see any visible sign of the suppression damage my characters deal.
  • Focus: It's so hidden on the mission UI that it took me a while to realise where it's shown and how it "works". 
  • Map highlights: please highlights all mission objectives on the map, not just targets in hunt/assassination missions. It's too easy to miss spoils (chests) and sometimes hard to find the last mobs alive on purge missions. 
  • Credits, fate, directives.: I would like to keep track of my progress in every possible way during missions, that's why it feels so strange not to have access to the inventory, skills tag, and everything else during missions. You can disable changing gear, that's fine, but still show the inventory. 

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7 years 113 days ago
Uhh......please stop acting like the 3 "specializations" at character creation mean ANYTHING? 

ANY inquisitor can use ANY weapon or armor piece.

Regarding jump mechanics: yes the jump pack needs a bit of work. I agree that it's annoying sometimes to jump straight up in the air when i click a space ahead of me. That being said, melee equipped characters have no real need to worry about cover very often.

Now for melee mechanics: OMFG how is nobody else seeing just how friggin' OP a melee weapon and pistol loadout is? SRSLY!!!

Yes, i agree that a bit more feedback on melee cone attacks are needed. MUCH more importantly, someone needs to address the simple fact that power axe and plasma pistol is WAY too powerful. NOONE should be able to go toe to toe with a dreadnought and kill it in under 12 seconds. NOONE should be able to jump into a pack of 4 chaos marines and kill each one in 3-4 seconds.

7 years 113 days ago

I agree with 1 - 5

I posted before on having more visual feedback on the arc for melee attacks. Having more visual feedback will aid players to learn the cone for their attacks and enable them to use attacks more effectively. 

Shield Bash is especially guilty of this. The cone is too tiny, and it seems like it only ever hits 1 mob. On occasion, I've seen it catch two - hence I suspect it's as much user error as it is the narrow cone. Widening it and adding some basic visual feedback would help. 

Same with Leap. As something of a defining ability, (and it may well be on the road map) it would be great to modify this skill to go further, to have multiple charges, to knockback, or to draw mobs in. a combo of leap, draw in, shield AoE knock back, then re-stomp to draw them back in would be amazing xD