Gamecrash - Weaponswitch


Bugreport #1 - 017.K2


Inquisitor Dewrill - Ordo Hereticus


Magos Analyticae - Martyr

This is a consequent appearing Bug in where, when i Change my Weapons while under Fire, the Game crashes.

Control - Dead

Visual - Frozen

Sound - still Acitive, no response from Character, no Death (apperantly no Damage aken)

Solution:  Shut down via Taskmanager (active on second monitor becasue Frozen picture stays in Front of main Monitor, thus not able to use anyhting on first Monitor)

Looking further into exact source.

Definite part of the Bug - Weapon switch

Optional Part of Bug - Under Fire(damage taken/suppression?)

Optional parameter will be studied further.

+ + + End of Transmission + + +

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Gamecrash - Weaponswitch
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7 years 162 days ago
This is a constant thing on my end as well. Game just locks up, quits responding. I have yet to actually complete a mission, because it will lock up. Beyond frustrating. Yes, it's an Alpha, but still frustrating, because I can't give feedback, if I can't complete a mission and actually progress. 
7 years 162 days ago
Edit 3:

game crashed again, lowest possible settings, AA & VSync on everythign else off/Low.

weapon switch crashed the agme, no living/moving enemys arround me.

7 years 162 days ago
Edit 2:

Bug occourt without weapons witch,  seems to be connected to "too mch going on shit"

tried to blow upü a container while being unter heavy fire with massive unit movement.

 in edit 1 the crash happened while being charged by a mass of nurglings,  so game crashes for me when theres happenign too much.

7 years 162 days ago
Edit 1:

Enemy Fire not nessecary, nurglings didnt get in contact with the Inquisitor, game crashed anyway,  

new discovery, crashs eems to happen while switching to Weaponset 2 (normaly Plasma or Melter gun equipped)

also happens only while Moving. (gamecrahs, too many things at once? enemy movement, fire, movement of inquisitor, weaponswitching)  or maybe broken animation