Game stuck


My game is bugged, my character can’t access the command bridge.

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Game stuck
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17 days ago

Only our developer team can fix these kind of issues (or me if the problem is not too complex). I asked the devs to check and fix your issue today, if possible. I hope they can get to it.

21 days ago
Is there something that can be done to fix these issues?  I’ve seen other comments saying that they are able to get back to playing.
25 days ago

Sparky0078 is my PSN id 

The character is sparky06, but now my other characters sparky02 and sparky006 are bugged as well.  Sparky006 can access the bridge and can go into the star map but there are no missions 

25 days ago
Could you tell me:

- The platform 

- The name of your account (PSN / Gamertag)

- Which character of yours cannot access the bridge

- Whether the character is on the Starmap and it cannot navigate back to the bridge via the bridge button