Game stuck - Ragna van Wynter repeating old mission text in Khorne


After the mission where at the end you can judge C. Thorn you are tasked to talk to the captain. But when I speak to her, she repeats the dialog from one or two missions ago about coordinates & arriving to the moon and I cannot proceed in the Khorne campaing. If I interact with her for the second time, there is nothing, no response, I cannot even buy/sell.

Platform: xbox

Character: CrowdedCrane

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Game stuck - Ragna van Wynter repeating old mission text in Khorne
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140 days ago
Could you check the game when you got some time? It should be fine now.
142 days ago

Same problem here on xbox one.

Character is Ichimonji84

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147 days ago
Please check on your progress when you can, you should be able to proceed in the campaign now!
150 days ago

I'm having the exact same issue on xbox. Character name Crimson feliz

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175 days ago
That worked for me, thank you very much for quick solution! I really appreciate that.
175 days ago
The issue has been corrected on our end please log in when you can and confirm whether you can speak to Ragna now.