game says authentication error when i login.


brought the game on steam used the 2 codes i got from white dwarf mag to add extra content and get money off game, as soon as i loaded the game up it pops up authentication error on the title screen and i cant play the game! it worked fine for my friend so i went over there and it works fine! i made an account played for and hour, went back home to play on my PC and still the same things still happens .. even after uninstalling the game and reinstalling it .. 3 Times! can anyone help me??

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game says authentication error when i login.
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6 years 109 days ago
cheers guys .. turns out it was my firewall blocking access afterall.. thats the first time its every done it with a game so thats why it confused me so much! cheers for your help :-) 
6 years 111 days ago
The first time that thing happened to me also, so i've google it and i've read something that helped me and may help you also. I run the game from the launcher from the game directory directly and not from the steam. Now i don't know why but it worked. 

Also i want to add that now suddenly i can run the game from steam too, again no idea why.

6 years 112 days ago

Something is blocking your connection. Check you firewall/Anti-virus software. Also check your ip connection to the server.