Game crashing in mission


The games keeps crashing in the same mission, The Harbingers of Hate, The Doomed City clue 6, is there a fix for this please

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Game crashing in mission
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1 year 22 hours ago

please note that the Xbox patch is out already resolving the crash issues! Check it out!
 The re-scheduled patch we mentioned is the 2.0 patch on PC. 

1 year 2 days ago
which is all lies. Now the patch aint till June 20th at the earliest. Just fux this fucking mission please so people can enjoy the stoey line. all other bugs can be fixed down the road but this one prevents you from beating the campaign....
1 year 3 days ago

A fix has been prepared to resolve this crash issue already. Our console publisher and Microsoft had to deal with a technical problem but as it has been handled we are planning to release a patch in the first half of this week!