Game Crashes after trainaing mission


Every time i complete the training mission the game crashes on loading screen have not be able to play game.  Please update so i can play the game i bought.

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Game Crashes after trainaing mission
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319 days ago
We will patch the game in the upcoming period which will contain various crash fixes! Hopefully that will resolve the problem on your end!
321 days ago

i've got the same issue but when i try to report the bug throught the game it won't work to identifi me on my account . I also try to de-install and re-install the game , won't work . I've try to create another character same problem . The game systematicaly crash after the end of the very first mission of the Tutorial .A friend of mine buy me the game ten days ago , juste after the recent patch and fixes of the 8 august , so the problem is really annoying me . The same friend remake a character entierly for seen if he have the same problem but no it works for him . So i dont now if you can patch the game one more time or having more information to make my game work . I can give it to you .

336 days ago
We are working on various crash issues currently, expect a patch with fixes soon! Sorry for the trouble!