Game crash while in a loading screen, character is unavailable after restart


After about 5 minutes of waiting I cut the program from CTRL ALT DELETE, after restart says my character is unavailable.

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198 days ago


We would like to inform you that our backend provider resolved the technical issues which affected our servers in the last 12 hours and according to our tests, the issues are no longer present in Inquisitor.

Please log into the game when you have some time and let us know if you still experience any unusual activity.

We would like to thank your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.

198 days ago

Our backend provider is still working on the problem. As soon as the servers are back and properly running we will notify you here!

198 days ago
+1, black loading screen, Ctrl+Alt+Del, characters don't load.

Also for the past couple days, any menu interaction, like selling loot or picking tarot cards on a mission, took 3-10 seconds

198 days ago
Also same here
198 days ago
Same here, very frustrating and confusing
198 days ago
Yep same with me with 2 characters, except when mission was finished I didn't get any box after the mission and all the items I obtained were gone. Now I'm locked out of my characters. It's bad enough I barely played this game after I bought it and most friends who bought it stopped immediately. I often contemplate why I even continue, probably only down to my love of 40k.