Game crash on Menu


I play the game 88min genial, I leave a little time and game now crash on menu to start.

I make a new installation and the same thing happens.

This is a screenshot 1s before crash.

Does anyone else have this problem? Any solution?

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Game crash on Menu
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7 years 9 days ago

I update the game now, and fix my problem. I play one mission and game is fine for me, and launch the game several times, and no crash.

Thanks & regards!

7 years 10 days ago

I update the game today , and continue crashing. Any news?

7 years 11 days ago

Game integrity is ok. I use Windows 10 at 1920x1080 whit 3 screens (one off at this time).

I search this dll whit windows and can not find. I have d3dcompiler_46.dll in game folder. (rename this and not work)

If I start the game out of steam it will not crash, this screen remains, but the game responds:

Network Error

7 years 11 days ago

Try verifying game integrity via Steam and see if it helps. What OS/resolution are you using?

Also try  renaming DSCOMPILER_46.dll to DSCOMPILER_47.dll and see if it helps! 

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7 years 11 days ago

Hmmm. Curious. Should have tried to create a Waaagh Boss instead :-)

Caracter creation worked for me so far. Perhaps a dev can help ya. 

7 years 11 days ago

Yep, i take this screen shot before the problem.


7 years 11 days ago

You already created a Character?