Game Crash, Lost all the items from mission / Tarot droprates?


Last mission i did before making this post (about 2h before this post) i completely cleared the map and finished all objectives. then i opened my inventory to check if i received any tarot cards (since i think sometimes they disappear when i complete a mission) and then the game crashed. crash report got sent out according to error message. i restarted the game just to find everything i got from that mission was gone from my inventory.

Also i might remember it wrong but i can barely get any tarot card drops. i did like 3 intel missions in a row with the level 2 bonus to tarot cards and didnt receive a single one which seems pretty low to me. i feel like sometimes i see them drop inside a mission but when i open my inventory i didnt receive any. i remember droprates being significantly higher back when i last played in the season of the warpsurge. 

this season i played 2 characters (1 is alsmost lvl 90 and the other is around lvl 80) i played mostly intel/tarot missions and used the tarot bonus quite a lot and i still dont even have all the lvl 1 cards filled up. it just seems like a very slow progress to me. would really love to know if the change in tarot droprates is intended or if theres somekind of a bug affecting it. 

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Game Crash, Lost all the items from mission / Tarot droprates?
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115 days ago
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235 days ago
Thanks a lot for your answer!

Its certainly unlucky about the loot thats for sure. I would obviously be grateful if i got it back but more importantly i dont want it to happen again. it wasnt the first time that this exact same thing happened. EXCEPT: Error message popped up and game got minimized. i didnt click the error message and opened up the game again and it was running completely fine. i could push the quit button and save the loot. after that i tried to close the error message and that then closed/crashed the game completely. so im really just hoping that they can fix whatever is causing the game to crash when you finish a mission and open your inventory to look at the loot / tarot cards before quiting.

for the tarot cards: thats what im getting at. back when i played in the season of the warpsurge id easily get 2-3 tarot cards per mission (sometimes even more) but now i get that amount every 2-4 missions. i also noticed that i almost never receive any tarot cards from the mission completion reward. which i also remember getting them from those quite regularly.

also the tarot cards are holding me up from progressing in the seasonal objectives. i completed almost every objective in the tier IV challenges but one of them is getting a tarot card to level 3. which seems like a huge grind with the droprates im experiencing. and on tier V theres a challenge to get a tarot card to level 5 which seems almost unreachable to me. 

236 days ago

Hi friend !

I think it's normal behavior for this game that the items get lost when the game crashes before quitting battlefield.

For the tarot rates, maybe something is wrong for your character, it shouldn't be that low.

I'm playing lots of void crusades since this is what this season encourages (more revenant enemies, more empyrean elites). I played in a team of 2 people. It's 2 weeks after season begins and I'm very close to have one Tier5 tarot card. (I have only one lv 95 character for this season)