Game Breaking Bug - Stuck in Priority Info Screen (Even after relog)


Game Breaking Bug - Stuck in Priority Info Screen (Even after relog)

Was taking a low power priority mission in the 1st subsystem.. (Chernobyl?).  I was level 11 with power rating of about 300.. the priority mission in the planet in the upper left hand corner was at 125 power.. (I know, I know)... In any case... When I selected it, and then selected option 3 in the list of pre-mission options (Wish I remember what it was... I want to say have a psyker to something along the lines of a mind link with the populace - was the bottom link on the list) It Selected, than brought me to the part of the info screen where I actually hit the 'select' mission button ( or 'start' mission - the main start button in lower right corner) and the 'Select Mission button was disabled, and there was no menu for going back to command, check inventory, etc...)  When I logged out and reclogged in, I appeared at my command center with the Priority Info Message still displaying and still w/disabled 'select'.  In addition there is no way to exit out :(  I totally forgive you guys, you're game is absolutely fantastic! I will support the crud out of it... 1st wh40k game that 'feels' right (Your combat and weapon mechanics are spot on)  But I thought I should let you guys know about that one.. Sorry I can't honestly remember the details as well as I hoped, but hopefully it points you in the right direction of finding the bug....   Thank you kindly, and Great work on the current state of this game!

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1 year 225 days ago

I am also having the same exact issue. username is Price

1 year 226 days ago

Just got the same bug Lvl. 4 username Salty_Clab

1 year 228 days ago

Yea I just got the same bug for one of my chars recently but in first area and subsystem zone. my account name in game is Wartec if u could fix it that would be great.

1 year 229 days ago
Thanks for the report, we will get to work.
1 year 229 days ago

Note : Sounds similar to becksploited bug 6 posts down...   Disabled Start Button even after Relog.  May be same underlying issue.