Game as it gets


So, guyz who jumps in, what u think about gameplay speed, leveling mechanics, itemization and else?

Gameplay speed.

I think its okay but suffers from 1 problem, character reacts 2 ur decisions 2 slow. When u decide to throw grenade its takes 2 much time for animation, same for most of skills.


Its nice, lots of slots, swapping weapons, weapons with different mechanics is nice. Imagine when there be sets and unique items.

Leveling mechanics.

For now tbh its a bit boring.

What u guyz thing about that

Abilities panel contains 4 weapon skills + 1 weapon ultimate skill (choose 1 in a skill loadout if u have 2 1haded weapons) + grenade ability + armor main ability.

Every weapon has its own skill tree or mastery level wich gives u a bonuses for every node in, like crit chance with this weapon type, damage bonus with this weapon, accuracy, attack speed, magazine size and weapon ultimate ability wich u can use from skill panel as fifth ability in addition to 4 weapon base abilities. 

Every armor types have the same mechanics except, armor nodes gives health, move speed, shields amount and armor main ability.

Skills and leveling system splits in 4 parts.

Weapon skill tree 

Armor skill tree

Main stats


Smth. like that, u can skill all weapons and armor to the end its just like additional level system.

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Game as it gets
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