Gained a level in combat, no skill point....


During gameplay I went up a level (57) and did not receive a skill point. And the marker is not lit up in the level progression tree even though I am approx. 7500 xp away from level 58.

It occurred during the Stormwatcher quest with Khorne and the Voidrippers.

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Gained a level in combat, no skill point....
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174 days ago
Florentius IV

As we see you have 61 skill points being distributed now. Considering your level (57) and the amount of skill points you should have at this point (56 points for every level up and an extra 5 points for every 10th level) you have just the right amount of skill points.

Kindly mind that on level 1 you don't have any skill point just yet.

Please let me know if you have any other question.

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178 days ago
I only have the one character.
178 days ago
I play on PC, gamertag is Reverend Floyd. The issue occurred during a story mission.
181 days ago
Could you please tell me your PSN/Gamertag and if you played with a Seasonal character?